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100 Storey House

Download free lesson plan at the end of the post.

A friend lent us a great Chinese book 一百层的房子. This is the FIRST Chinese book that he loved! ( He loves another book – Sunflower, but it is not a Chinese book to him as mummy has translated it fully into English while “reading” the book to him). I wanted to find follow up activities surrounding this book but I could not find any.

So this is my humble attempt to put together a lesson plan as how I like it — integrating Lang Arts, music, art, geography, math , science and bible (separated segment that non christian audience may enjoy the lesson plan as well).

And I will be sharing it free for all!

The lesson plan spans 6 days, mirroring Five In A Row curriculum that you read a good book at least 5 times in a row and do some follow up activities surrounding it =) The Singapore Ministry of Education Primary English framework (STELLAR curriculum) follows this pedagogy too – except that it doesn’t include art, science, mandarin, math and geography- for now =) )

This is a really packed 6 day lesson plan, pick and choose your activities, do it at your own pace. My son took about a week and a half to complete it. And YES we did everything in there– tried, tested and refined =)

Background – My son is 3.5 years old, he does not speak mandarin at home or in school. His mandarin teacher has to translate her instructions into English for him to be able to keep up in class. I am working hard to try to create a more mandarin rich environment for him, though most of the time, I will revert to speaking in English after a few sentences.

Below are some pictures of the activities that we did.

Recognising words from flash cards, flashcards avail from downloads below as well.
Finding words in sensory trays
Practising how to write chinese characters
Navigating a map
Ordering 1-100
Let’s pretend to be a 蜗牛
Playing modified charades with unsuspecting guests
painting their imagination of heaven
Our final pieces of heaven

Where to get the books?

Do check out Mystorytreasury for the books. They have the whole set =) They also have a Chinese Sudoku generating app!! Super cool =)

Do contact me on Instagram if you have any questions about the lesson plans or how to get the book as I don’t have not much of an idea how WordPress can be use as a point of contact.

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Download free lesson plan and flashcards (PPT)below!

Remember to tag us on IG f you tried some of the activities =)


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